Engineering & Technical Design Services

SGE’s engineering and technical design team is available to all customers, ensuring product quality and reliability at the most competitive price.

Design / Application Assistance

  • 3-D Mechanical Design with Pro\Engineer Wildfire
    • STEP, DXF, DWG, IGES and other capabilities
    • PRO/Engineer Solid Modeling
    • Development and Design Verification
    • Component Interface and Stack-up Analysis
  • Electrical Circuit Design using CAM 350
    • Gerber File Development and Design
    • Working Panel Design for Maximum Material Utilization
  • Application Testing
    • Reliability Testing
      • Electro-Mechanical Switches
        • Life Testing up to 10,000,000 Cycles
        • Electrical Performance Testing
      • Printed Circuit Boards
        • Electrical Testing (Open, Short, Impedance)
        • Plating Thickness (X-ray Fluorescence)
        • Solderability

Program Management from concept to production

Training & Sales Support

  • On-site seminars and technical presentations
  • Build strong working relationships by providing technical expertise
  • Add value to customer engineers by being a trusted and reliable technical resource